1. Is Church Metrics really free, or am I signing up for a free trial?

    When you sign up for a Church Metrics account, it is 100% free. No gimmicks, no tricks, and no catch. We love the local church and believe in the work the Church does across the globe, so we offer and support the Church Metrics app for free.

  2. Can I track individual attenders with Church Metrics?

    Church Metrics was built to track overall data in your church, not individuals. With Church Metrics, you’re able to see the big picture in your church, like overall attendance, overall giving, and more.

  3. Can I import previous data?

    Yes! You can import previous data in a .CSV format. When you’re ready to take this step, we have documentation that makes it easy.

  4. How many people can have access to my church account?

    Multiple users can be added to your Church Metrics account. You can add multiple admins and users with different roles and permissions.

  5. Can I give volunteers access to our account?

    Yes. Volunteers can have access to Church Metrics. You can set up special permissions and roles that will restrict the information they have access to.

  6. How long will it take for me to sign up and get started?

    Initial set-up for Church Metrics is simple and quick. On average, you’ll be ready to enter data in less than five minutes.

  7. Is my data secure?

    We take security very seriously. Your data is protected by 128-bit SSL security, and it’s never disclosed to third parties.

  8. Is there an API for Church Metrics and can I have access to it?

    Yes. You can find our API here. https://github.com/lifechurch/churchmetrics-api

  9. What is YouVersion for Churches?

    YouVersion for Churches is a digital ministry of Life.Church, committed to creating tools and resources that help churches bridge the gap between ministry and modern life. We believe in the power of the local church, and that we can accomplish infinitely more together than we can apart.

    Thanks to the generosity of our global Community, YouVersion for Churches provides our products completely free of charge.

  10. I thought Church Metrics was run by Life.Church, not YouVersion for Churches?

    Recently, our teams at Life.Church asked, “What Kingdom impact could we see if we combined a few of our teams focused on serving churches?

    The result was YouVersion for Churches and a team committed to creating tools and resources to help your church bridge the gap between ministry and modern life.

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