See the big picture.

Church Metrics Groups allows your denomination or network to see stats from all your member churches.

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Dashboards bring everything into focus.

Whether your group consists of five churches or 5,000, you'll find all the data points you value most right on the homepage dashboard. See the trends of your entire organization in less than a minute.

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Track what matters most.

With the ability to create unlimited custom categories, you can track what’s most important to your organization. And when you can track it, you can use it to make decisions.

Your Group categories integrate seamlessly with existing Church Metrics church accounts, and on-boarding is easy for new churches.

See exactly what you want to see.

Tags allow you to organize your churches as subsets within your Group. Create tags by geography, by time zone, by size, by launch date, by tier—by anything! Tags are completely customizable, and they allow you to drill down to just the data point you want to see.

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Starting is easy.

Creating a Group is easy, and linking your churches is even easier.

Create your Group

If you think Groups would be a great tool for a denomination or network you work with, we’d love you to share it with them!

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