Hillsong Health Report

Leverage five indicators of church health to help you lead more strategically and make better decisions.

Healthy churches grow.

The free Hillsong Health Report displays five dials calibrated to reveal the true health of your service, campus, or church. All the dials work together to tell a story and empower you to make better decisions, provide better direction, and reach more people for Christ.






"The Hillsong Health Report is a simple, valuable tool that gives you a clear and practical next step to review your church data. This is powerful because it allows our leaders to identify where to put attention, where to initiate growth, and where to sustain momentum."
Tim Kreis

Lead Pastor, Rise Church

Learn how to maximize the report.

Watch the short training videos below to learn Hillsong’s strategy for healthy, growing churches. Then use the weekly report as a springboard for having conversations and making decisions with your team.


    Measure year-over-year attendance, and aim for 7% growth.


    Track communication touch points with new attenders and believers.


    Look for your number of small groups to be equal to 10% of your attendance.


    Work toward a ratio of one volunteer for every seven attenders.


    See the generosity of your church by gauging the average gift per attender.


Thanks to Hillsong Church for so generously partnering with Life.Church to bring excellence, growth, and health to churches everywhere by sharing the Hillsong Health Report in Church Metrics with the “capital C” Church.

Hillsong believes so much in championing you and your local church, they’ve even created the Hillsong Leadership Network—just for church builders like you. Find more than 600 free resources like graphics and webinars to help you take your church forward.

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